Motorola NTN4595DR replaced by [NTN8251AR]

SKU: NTN4595DR MFR#: NTN4595, NTN4595A, NTN4595B, NTN4595C, NTN4595D, NTN4595DR
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Motorola NTN4595DR has been replaced by NTN8251AR.

Additional Info

Compatible Motorola Radios ASTRO Saber, Saber, Saber I R, Saber II R
Type/Style Batteries-Standard
Listed Under The Following Manufacturer Part Numbers NTN4595, NTN4595A, NTN4595B, NTN4595C, NTN4595D, NTN4595DR
Manufacturer Motorola Solutions
Brand Motorola Solutions
Color Black
Warranty Manufacturer Warranty
Memory Effect No
Requires Maintenance No
Minimum Rated Capacity 1800 mAh
Chemistry NiCD
Intrinsic Safety Standard MSHA
Operating Temperature Range -30C to +60C
Recycling Required

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